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in     by Dion Jordan 17-11-2015

One Life to Live

When I was sixteen years old, I had a dream that changed my life forever. I dreamt that I had died. In this dream, I found myself sitting in the middle of a large auditorium with thousands of empty seats around me. It was pitch black. I was alone, scared, and could not believe my life was already over. Suddenly I heard a loud noise like a crash and a movie began to play. What I saw both amazed and terrified me. The movie was about me; the story of my life was being shown. I saw myself growing up as a child, crippled and unhappy. I had no friends, I had no smile.

I watched myself walking down the street kicking trash, all alone. This condition continued until I was old and alone, with a permanent look of depression and dissatisfaction chiseled in my face. As I watched this movie my eyes began to tear in disbelief and sadness. Suddenly the movie was over. Immediately, on another screen, a second movie started. It was about me again. But this time it pictured me in a better, brighter light. I was so happy and full of life. People all around me were energized by my enthusiasm. As the movie went on, the better it got. I saw myself growing up, having a family, and living a life of both success and significance. This time as I watched, my eyes were not full of tears, but wide open – filled with pride and excitement. I looked around and I was no longer in an empty auditorium, but one that was filled with people completely engaged and inspired by my life on the screen. Then just as quickly as the movie started, it abruptly ended and the room once again went pitch black. I shouted NOOOOO !! And then I woke up. From that day forward, at age sixteen, I decided I was going to live my life as I saw it in the second movie…with no regrets…and fully appreciating and understanding that I have just one life to live!

A Life of No Regrets

How is the movie about your life going to play out? A re you going to live the life you dream of or are you just going to just dream of a better life? When you live a life following your true life passions, you bring something to this world nobody else can give; you bring your unique energy, delight, and service that radiates from the joy you find in living your dream. If you decide not to follow your passion, something will be missing in the world that no one else can replace. After all, no one else can write your book but you; no one can start up a business like you. You are unique and no one can take your place. The great author Dr. Suess wrote, “Today you are you, and that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!” the best life ever!

The Chicken and the Eagle

Have your heard the story about the chicken and the eagle? There once was an Eagle who laid its egg high on top of a mountain. On the bottom of the mountain there was a chicken coop full of chickens. Well one day when the eagle was out hunting for food, a strong wind came and knocked the eagle egg down the mountain all the way in the middle of the chicken coop. When the chickens saw this they were frightened. They all ran away except for one brave chicken who decided to sit on the egg. After six weeks of sitting on this eagle egg, out popped a baby eagle. The baby eagle looked around and all it saw was chickens. The mother chicken, who had been sitting on the egg, looked down at the eagle and said, “You’re a chicken. You’re a funny looking chicken, but you are a chicken.” So that baby eagle grew up believing it was a chicken. It ate chicken food, and went to a chicken school and got a chicken education; it grew up and got a chicken job. It was living its life like a chicken until one day a real eagle flew by. When the real eagle flew by and saw this strange sight in the chicken coop, it decided to land inside and investigate. Once he landed all the chickens got scared and ran off. Finally the real eagle looked at the chicken-eagle and said, “Hey, what are you doing hanging around all these chickens?” The chicken eagle responded, “I am a chicken and I am just hanging around my brothers and sisters.” You were meant to Fly like an Eagle The real eagle responded, “You are not a chicken, you’re an eagle! You should be flying and doing great things. Watch this.” And the real eagle flew over the fence surrounding the chicken coop and started soaring in the sky. Meanwhile the chicken-eagle watched in amazement wishing it could do the same. When the real eagle finally landed, it looked at the chicken-eagle and told him, “You can do the same thing. The choice is yours, you can fly and be the great eagle you were meant to be or you can continue to live your life as a chicken.” Then the real eagle flew away. So what about you? Are you going to live your life like a chicken or an eagle? I hope you choose the latter. Remember you have just onelife to live so let’s make the most of it!