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in     by Dion Jordan 02-12-2015

Last week, while I was walking through the Chicago O'Hare airport waiting for my delayed flight, I decided to pop my head into the local bookstore like I usually do when traveling. While snooping around, I saw a book that immediately caught my attention. It was titled Put Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell. I have always been a fan of John Maxwell's work and have many of his books at home, but what I read in this book blew my mind. It asked 10 simple questions about your dream. Being the dreamer and dream facilitator that I am, I quickly found some tips that I knew my audience could benefit from. What you are about to read next are 10 questions John Maxwell raises in his book, along with my own personal commentary and expertise on living your dream. I have found these 10 questions to be a great way to see if your dreams have the potential to become reality or will they forever be dreams. Enjoy.

1.  The Ownership Question: Is your dream really your dream? 
Let's face it, there are a lot of people out there who are not living their dream simply because they are too busy living the dreams others placed on them. Search your heart and ask yourself is your dream a passion you have for yourself or a position that has been bestowed upon you.

2.  The Clarity Question: Do you clearly see your dream? 
Before your dream can become a reality you need to have a clear vision of that dream. What does it really look like? What does it feel like? Where will it take place and how will it be sustained? These and other questions can help you see your dream more clearly.

3.  The Reality Question: Are you depending on factors within your control to achieve your dream?
This isn't just a good question, it is the million-dollar question. If you are depending on other people and factors to make your dream come true, then you are heading not towards your dream but towards your nightmare! There is nothing more frustrating then depending on non-dependable people and circumstances. Remember, when living your dream, you can only count on two people to make this dream come true....You and your Divine help!

4.  The Passion Question: Does your dream compel you to follow it?
This is the easiest of all the questions. If your dream wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up at night, if your dream reminds you of its existence on a daily basis and draws you to follow it, then you can say you have an active, alive, and awaiting dream, ready to be fulfilled.

5.  The Pathway Question: Do you have a Strategy to reach your dream?
The old familiar saying rings true here: If you fail to plan, then you might as well plan to fail. Even the most vivid and tangible dreams need a strategy to bring it into fruition. (If you need a strategy visit our mentorship programs at www.dionjordan.com) 

6.  The People Question: Have you included the people you need to realize your dream?
Although you are the number one factor in bringing your dream to pass, there may be times we need the support of others. For example is your spouse on board? What about a mentor? I don't think I can over emphasize this point. You will save time, money and relationships by including the right people in your dream pursuit.

7.  The Cost question: Are you willing to pay the price for your dream?
Have you considered what it will cost you for your dream to become a reality? Have you made up in my your mind what you're not willing to give up in pursuit of your dream. It most likely will cost you time, money, and countless sacrifices to reach your dream. But it should never cost you your integrity, family or your values.

8.  he Tenacity Question: Are you moving closer to your dream?
Do you find yourself making progress towards your dream on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? I tell people all the time that you should never let a day go by without doing something towards your dream. World renowned speaker Les Brown would say, "If you are casual about your dreams, your dreams will become a causality." 

9.  The fulfillment Question: Does working toward your dream bring satisfaction?
This is what makes a dream a dream. The complete feeling of bliss and satisfaction that you are at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing for all the right reasons.

10.  The Significance Question: Does your dream benefit others?
This by itself is the right reason. If your dream helps, inspires or benefits others in a positive way, then your dream won't only be successful, but it will be significant as well.